Our experts

Aurov Oleg Valentinovich

Dr.of History, Docent, Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow, RF)

Barabanov Nikolay Dmitrievich

Сandidate of Historical Sciences, Docent, Volgograd State University (Volgograd, RF)

Vin Juri Yakovlevich

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Fellow, Institute of World History of RAS (Moscow, RF)

Denisov Sergey Aleksandrovich

Research Fellow, Institute of Archeology of RAS (Dmitrov, RF)

Kuznetsov Aleksey Valeriavich

Dr. of History, Research Fellow, Institute of World History of RAS (Moscow, RF)

Marey Alexander Vladimirovich

Dr. of Law, Docent, Facalty of Philosophy, National research University «Higher School of Economics» (Moscow, RF)

Medvedev Igor Pavlovich

Dr., Corresponding Member of RAS, Chief Fellow, St-Petersburg' brunch ofInstitute of Russian History (St-Petersburg, RF)

Turilov Anatolij Arkadievich

Dr. of History, Foreign Member of SANU, Leading Fellow, Institute of Slavic Studies of RAS (Moscow, RF)

Fonkich Boris L'vovich

Dr. of History, Chief Fellow, Institute of World History of RAS (Moscow, RF)

Bubalo Djordje

Associate Professor, Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade University (Belgrade, Serbia)

Matović Tamara

LL.M., Research assistant at Institute for Byzantine Studies SASA; PhD Candidate at Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)

Mitsiou Ekaterini

Dr. Phil. (Byzantine Studies), Team member of the financed through the Wittgenstein-Preis of the Austrian National Research Foundation (FWF) Project “Mobility, Microstructures and Personal Agency in Byzantium” at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, University of Vienna

Totomanova Anna-Maria Kostova

Prof., DSc, Department for Cyrill and Methodius' Studies, Faculty of Slavic Studies, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridsky" (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Šarkić Srđan

Professor, Faculty of law, University of Novi Sad (Novi Sad, Serbia)